Social Media Marketing is an opportunity to increase branding and exposure while your business builds engagement with loyal and potential customers. We help to manage your social media platforms which including FACEBOOK, LINE & INSTAGRAM.



Facebook is the most popular social media sites in the world and as well as Cambodia. With over 3.4 millions registered (January, 2016), Facebook has become the leading social media platform in Cambodia that helps to build relationship between brand and its customers. Most of the businesses are using Facebook to raise brand awareness, drive their sale, promote products, services or their campaigns.

It provides the best Channel for Brand Exposure in image or video. To find out more what we can help your business with this platform, contact 


LINE is one of the most popular communication apps which is created in March 2011. In February 2015, Line has reached approximately 600 million users worldwide. LINE came to Cambodia in January 2015, and till today there are more than 3 million LINE registers in Cambodia, 17 local official accounts are used by big companies, and more than 1000 Line@ accounts are operating by small and medium business.


        LINE Official Account (LINE OA)    LINE@

Companies can send mass messages to users who befriended with their account, create post to Timeline and more. Official Accounts are displayed within LINE platform, allowing companies to reach a wide range of users.

  • Paid subscription Fee for account registration
  • 100% reach message to subscribed audiences
  • Unique Exposure
  • Rapid Grow of subscribers
  • More features to customize promotion and survey
LINE@ allow you to reach out to a wider audience and utilize LINE for business. Closer the distance by becoming “friends” with your customers and fans. Sending mass messages while answering any inquiry from “friends”.

  • Free to register (Up to 1000 message per month)
  • 100% reach message to subscribed audiences
  • Limited message sent
  • One on One chat
  • More features to customize promotion

Note: Paid Plan 50$/Month (Up to 50,000 messages per month)


We provide management services to both LINE official account and LINE@ account with following:  Setup support, Content Creation, Post Engagement, Promotion or Coupon Setting, Analytic Report. Reach out to our team with for consultation.







With community of over 400 millions monthly active users worldwide, Instagram is one of the best and most-used photo sharing platforms, enabling people to share photos, as well as short videos, with their followers. It gives brands the ability to reach an engaged audiences, deliver messages in focused visual experiences, and publish content in a creative, high quality environment.

Instagram can help your brands build up on:

  • Virtual Marketing (A picture is worth a thousand words)
  • Brand Awareness
  • High Level of Engagement
  • High visibility of posts
  • Increase traffic to your site

To find out more what we can assist your business with Instagram, contact